Dead Serious

Welcome to the new iteration of my site. All things can be improved. All things are in flux. I am excited to share my art and design with you. But, not only that, I truly have a passion for other artists and their work. No artist can create in a vacuum. We need each other to inspire one another and to know that we have folks out there that share our needs, dreams, passions and struggles. To me when a person creates art he is intersecting with higher modes of being and going deep within his soul to express. The artist is the gauge of society and how healthy it is. If art is criminalized or people are suffering so much that there is no time or support for artists then that society is sick and suffering.

Art is a human birth-right. Creativity is the song of your soul expressing itself. All human beings make connections through art.

My hope is to not only to share my art and design here with you but to also help other artists with tricks I have found along the way. For example most artists are TERRIFIED to market themselves or to try to sell or expose their art to a wider audience. Well hopefully I can cast some light on some of these situations. I also find that many businesses, especially small businesses, are in dire need of good branding or brand refreshing and design ideas. Here I plan to help artists with business tips and help business owners with artistic tips. Let’s share, build, expand and find niches for art to grow.


Maya Chalee

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