Wine Time

Perhaps it is the holidays or the state of the world, but sometimes ya’ just have to get out with your friends and have a little wine and unwind. Living in wine country as I do and surrounded by some of the most fertile and exotic farmlands in America, I have to say that I am pretty spoiled. Great table wine is cheap and the list of tapa possibilities is endless. Below is a postcard invitation that I designed for a client who needed a wine time-out. And well who wouldn’t?


P.S. Here is a recipe for one of my favorite tapas from my childhood in Santa Fe. It is from a restaurant called the Steaksmith (sadly now closed) that my family used to take me to on special occasions.

Jeanne’s Shrimp:

6-8 Jumbo prawns

Asiago cheese

Pesto Sauce


Clean shrimp and de-vein. Stuff with mixture of pesto and asiago cheese. 
Wrap with prosciutto and pin with water soaked toothpick. Grill shrimp 
until done and prosciutto is crispy around the edge. Serve with a few
strips of red and green bell pepper and wine of course. Delicious!

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