My love of illustration and my love of food are coming together in awesome and fun ways. My early art career and training came from more traditional elements of painting and technique and of using my hands with different mediums. I am particularly fond of watercolor and acrylic. But every new medium requires different skills to be learned and I am finding I have a love of graphic mediums. There is a flexibility in digital design that is unparalleled in other mediums and I am beginning to love it very much. I plan on experimenting with combing both digital and traditional mediums soon but for now I am having a lot of fun playing with the digital design.  Currently I am creating a series of cards for my local farmers market and am excited to work on new designs.

I do so love the sushi card and plan on adding to my Japanese ‘menu’. One interesting thing that I learned is that sushi does not mean ‘fish’ in Japanese as I previously thought. It means ‘vinegar rice’…who knew!?




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