maya_profile_brushsmHello and welcome! I am Maya Chalee and I love color. Can you tell? I am a fine artist from New Mexico who now makes a home in Northern California. I grew up surrounded by artists, cowboy mystics, duck hunters, shamans, handy men, bookstore philosophers, belly dancers, herbalists, tarot card readers and poker players. As a child of the West I grew up to be self reliant and appreciate hard work, a fine meal and beauty in wildness. I think cowboy boots and lace are sexy and I know how to make a paint brush from a yucca blade. I am proud to be the great-granddaughter of the Taos Pueblo artist Pop Chalee who was internationally recognized for bringing Native American art to a larger audience. Grandma taught me how to see things with an artists eye and how to make killer margaritas. I believe everything in nature is sacred. I believe the Spirits are not far behind and that you are on a sacred journey of your own. So live life, eat, drink, be merry, buy art, love yourself and keep hunting.